Rustic Grace 

 God. Growth. Furniture. 

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Our Mission

Rustic Grace produces and sells top notch, handcrafted barnwood furniture as a means to fund the Indiana Dream Team ministry. Through our furniture manufacturing, we provide valuable skills and lessons to young men and women rehabilitating from lives of desctructive decision making.

About Us

Rustic Grace is the furniture business and funding branch of the Indiana Dream Team program (IDT). IDT is much more than just a program though, it is a ministry. True life changes come from the inside out not in temporary behavior change. Our goal is a spiritual transformation that reflects in behavior. Our Director, Eric Lashbrook, often says, “we are not a 12 step program but a one step ministry which is Jesus Christ”. Our ministry is built on relationships and our residents have personal attention from staff volunteers, resident mentors, pastors and teachers. Regular one on one meetings are scheduled with residents for challenge and encouragement.

We offer classes in many areas but our main focus comes from hands on learning, and working along side teachers and mentors. We strive for individual unity, family unity, church unity and community unity.

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More than just quality furniture
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